This week our trade of the week demonstrates how InvoiceFair's currency agility and purchase order finance solution can support international businesses! Our customer traded a purchase order worth £550K to our EUR and GBP Buyers. Following the trade, InvoiceFair paid their supplier in China in USD.

Our customer is a retail business based in the UK with a global network of suppliers. They supply various consumer facing retailers. InvoiceFair supported them to trade a purchase order worth £550K. The GBP purchase order was funded by our network of EUR and GBP Buyers. Following the purchase order being traded, InvoiceFair directly paid their Chinese supplier in USD.

Without geographic or concentration limits InvoiceFair works with businesses with complex currency requirements giving access to competitive fx rates and cost of finance. In our daily auction we trade future receivables for established SMEs across all sectors in Ireland & the UK. If you would like to discuss how we can partner to scale your business, contact Sorcha Mulligan at Sorcha@ or call +3531663662.

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