Generate attractive returns on your terms
There is an abundance of latent capital trapped in our banking system, not contributing to a wider economic benefit. Deploy this through InvoiceFair.

Access to the InvoiceFair Platform enables you to effect a transfer of this trapped capital into the mainstream economy where you can purchase receivables as an asset class, directly participating in the growth of ambitious SMEs.

Why choose InvoiceFair?

Employ classic investment management techniques to assemble a portfolio of receivables that reflect your risk appetite and liquidity requirements.

Our team of experienced professionals have robust processes for registering and approving member companies, guaranteeing a secure and trusted marketplace where you gain access to this high yielding, short duration, uncorrelated asset class.



Quality Debtor invoices and contracts are validated and independent credit reports provided


Funds are channelled through our segregated trust account


Choose the level and duration of your deployment of funds, over single or multiple trades, from a range of sectors. Access your funds anytime, there are no lock-ins.


Actively bid or set your auto bidding parameters in advance

How it works?

Onboarding is straightforward. Once registered, investing is just a few steps away.


Transfer Funds

Transfer funds into our segregated trust account

Trade Alert

Receive a campaign e-mail in advance of the trade window, detailing assets for sale


Login to our secure Platfrom and commence bidding or in advance set your auto-bidding parameters.


On settlement, funds are paid directly into the segregated trust account. We return your initial investment plus your gain, less fees

What are the costs

Our Fees are simple

We charge 20% of your gain, including VAT, regardless of the size or duration of investment.
That’s it.

No hidden costs

Am I eligible?

Are you a limited company?

Are you an institutional investor?

Are you a high net worth sophisticated investor?

Are you an investor with a Self administered pension fund?

If you feel you have the knowledge, experience and appetite to join our marketplace and diversify your portfolio, we’d love to hear from you.


“Trade receivables can be purchased in tranches allowing efficient portfolio construction”

UK Fund Investor

Deploy your funds and generate attractive returns

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