Stay cashflow positive through the market turmoil.
Release cashflow from blue-chip customer receivables within 24 hours.

We are working hard to quickly & creatively support our customers in solving liquidity challenges caused by the Covid-19 outbreak.

The working capital concerns we are solving relate to:

  • SCALING UP PRODUCTION where funds are required immediately to buy raw materials and manage operational costs as a result of the current environment.
  • DELAYS IN SETTLEMENT due to the outbreak. The situation is expected to deteriorate leading to certain aged amounts being disqualified from traditional Bank or Invoice Discounting (ID) facilities thus causing cashflow issues.
  • THE NEED TO ‘CARVE OUT’ OR ‘WAIVE’ LARGE DEBTORS from an ID facility in order to release working capital immediately and without limitation.

If you have cashflow concerns and have blue-chip contracts, domestic or global, talk to us today +3531 6632662.

How it works
You decide which large Debtor to register on the platform and from there decide which receivables to trade and when. When you want to release cashflow, upload your receivable to the platform before 1pm. The receivable will trade next working day and funds are transferred same day. It’s that simple.

How does it work with traditional finance?
Receivables Trading is an alternative source of working capital based on specific large Debtors. It operates alongside traditional finance solutions but is fundamentally different:

  • It is exceptionally fast to arrange and highly flexible.
  • Funding is secured on the strength of the contract rather than a traditional charge on assets.
  • There are no restrictions due to Facility Limits, Debtor Concentration or Geography Risk (export country).
  • Personal Guarantees are not required. No charges are registered on book debts.
  • Before each trade you set a Reserve or maximum cost of credit. Timely settlements by your customers over multiple trades translate into a lower cost of credit.
  • Works in tandem with an Invoice Discounting Facility. Individual large Debtors can be ‘carved out’ or ‘waived’ from an existing ID Facility to trade on the InvoiceFair platform. Debtor Concentration funding limitations are a key reason companies carve out a large Debtor.

Invoice FinancePurchase Order FinanceRecurring Revenue Finance.

Why choose InvoiceFair?

InvoiceFair is a transparent and easy to use online funding platform which gives your business fast access to unrestricted working capital.

The solutions are backed with over 75 years of experience in managing and scaling businesses.

This is not invoice factoring, nor is it invoice discounting. InvoiceFair provides alternative finance solutions that can help SMEs accelerate growth. Our digital marketplace is funded by a pool of institutional investors with an appetite to purchase receivables as an asset class – Invoices, Purchase Orders, Contracts and Recurring Revenue.

Our team of highly experienced Accountants will help you fully optimise your cashflow for transformational growth.



  • Choose the receivables you want to sell
  • Set the cost of credit reserve
  • No personal guarantees
  • No concentration or geographic limits
  • No lock-ins or audit fees


  • Our expert team will get you on-boarded in 48 hours
  • Once approved, upload your receivable and receive cash in as little as 24 hours


  • Our fee is a % of the receivable amount which is agreed in advance
  • The discount is driven by the quality of your debtors and your trading track record
  • Competing buyers drive down the price, lowering your cost of credit


  • Expert consultative team
  • Benefit from a range of tailored solutions

What are the costs?

You are in control of the costs. No hidden fees.

Processing Fee

Fees are agreed with you in advance. The Processing fee is based on a % of the receivable amount depending on volume and duration.

Discount Fee

Capped by you setting the maximum cost of finance. Investor appetite drives down the cost of finance over time.

Is my company eligible?

  • You have a

    Limited Company

  • Minimum turnover

    €1m p.a.

  • Minimum invoice size of


  • Average monthly revenue of


  • Minimum trading history

    1 year

The InvoiceFair platform welcomes companies from all industries and company sizes.

Health & Beauty

“The vetting process done by InvoiceFair on Human+Kind provided the credibility and comfort which helped us receive competitive funding from a large Pool of Institutional Funders.”

Jeremy Smith – CEO
Human+Kind Ltd.

“Its simplicity is brilliant. I have used competitors platforms and can say from experience that there is nothing that I am aware of that comes close to the InvoiceFair platform.”

Peter Holly – Managing Director
Helicon Process Development Solutions Ltd

“InvoiceFair offered our clients a straightforward solution to their cash flow issues enabling them to focus on scaling their business.”

Peter Roberts – Partner
Roberts Nathan Accountancy & Advisory

Release unrestricted capital
from your blue-chip Receivables today

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