InvoiceFair has various customers who are transforming their industries and growing their businesses. In our Customer Spotlights we highlight these successes. This week Peter Brady, CFO shares the stories of two customers who are unlocking data, providing meaningful analysis and API technology.

This week in our Customer Spotlight we discuss two data focused companies, unearthing the power of data.

The API Economy


Last week our CEO Helen Cahill discussed the advent of Open Banking, the regulatory exposure of data via APIs. Application Programming Interfaces or APIs allow the networking of data from one application to many. One of our customers is at the forefront of API ecosystem design, having developed their own white labelled API solution which provides businesses with the opportunity to provide a better customer service through data connection. Telecommunication companies across the globe are using this API technology to provide their customers with a connected experience.


With rapid market growth across MENA and APAC regions, The Company needed a finance partner who could support their global business. Without geographic limits or high FX fees, InvoiceFair could provide them with the optimal funding solution to complement their strategy. With the support of funding through trading these telecommunication company invoices on our platform, The Customer has successfully penetrated these markets.


Unleashing the power of data


Data is a currency for businesses. Many have a lot of data – but only to have it? Our Customer is an innovative data analytics company that helps business leaders understand their own data but also how they apply it to the external markets. Merging strategic consulting, computer science and data analytics, The Company offers a turnkey solution. Using this wide lens on a macro and micro basis to continuously monitor the markets they play in, companies are able to achieve their goals and grow successfully through data driven decision making.


With unprecedented growth in demand for their consulting and an expansion into the US and UK, The Company needed to access working capital to fund new projects, particularly in new markets. The Company traded their consultancy invoices on the platform, harnessing their debtor book assets to reduce their working capital cycle down from up to 60 days down to within 24 hours. This was a game changing tool to accelerate their ambitious strategy to win and fulfil new tenders and contracts.


Our customers are funding their own growth to transform their industries. InvoiceFair is a platform that helps companies across sectors grow, thrive and develop. If you are interested in taking control of your working capital, contact InvoiceFair.

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