InvoiceFair has various customers who are transforming their industries and growing their businesses. In our Customer Spotlights we highlight these successes. This week we share the stories of two technology powered customers.

Customer Spotlights share the successes our customers are finding in their sectors and how they used InvoiceFair’s model to fund this growth. This week we discuss two customers who are using technology to innovate within their industries – one through smart lighting and one through Virtual Reality immersive consumer experiences.

A smart approach to lighting… and funding


Specializing in energy saving and intelligent lighting solutions, this customer is using technology to provide some of the world’s biggest brands with intelligent lighting.  They are using the internet of things to provide these smart solutions which are energy and cost efficient.



With MNCs becoming more environmentally conscious and technology-focused every day, the Company won several large-scale smart lighting projects. Credit terms with MNC’s can stretch to 90 days from completion of the project. To fund this working capital cycle the company traded approved invoices and purchase orders from large brands on the InvoiceFair platform. With the funding to cover the upfront costs of developing the systems, the company could continue to target and win more business. Now that is a bright funding idea!


Using virtual reality to change marketing


In a world that is full of noise, businesses are looking for innovative and creative ways to market to consumers. Our Customer is using virtual reality and technology to create bespoke and immersive experiences for consumers, helping bring their own clients’ creativity to life. This team provides a unique offering to brands in Ireland based on their experience, creativity and technology.



As a result of these successful projects, the Company’s portfolio of clients has grown locally and internationally. Following the completion of a large-scale project for a global training brand, the Company experienced rapid growth.


Despite earning and attracting new opportunities, the Company could not pursue new business, following the completion of this large global project which had used a significant amount of their resources. Still ambitious and eager to deliver these projects, they looked to alternative funding. Trading significant invoices and purchase orders with InvoiceFair’s diverse group of investors aided the Company in accessing the necessary cashflow to reach its potential.


Our customers are funding their own growth to transform their industries. InvoiceFair is a platform that helps companies across sectors grow, thrive and develop. If you are interested in taking control of your working capital, contact InvoiceFair.

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