InvoiceFair has numerous customers who are transforming their industries and growing their businesses. This week we discuss subscription-based customers who are using technology to provide consumers with bespoke experiences, enhancing the customer service.

One of the innovative elements of the InvoiceFair model is the ability to trade recurring revenue up to 3 months in advance. This allows our customers to develop a revolving funding model uncapped, on demand and at the pace to cater for their individual cashflow needs. This week we discuss two customer centric companies – both using subscription models to provide bespoke experiences for their clients.

Innovating waste, while reducing wastefulness

Not all households and businesses consume products and food the same way, therefore their waste disposal needs are different. However, the waste collection industry approach it with a one size fits all model, “bins are collected on Tuesday” – full or not.


One of our innovative customers is challenging this traditionalist model by providing a technology driven “pay as you go” approach to waste management. Customers can use the service when they need, rather than at a set time. This more environmentally friendly and cost- effective approach to waste management has been adopted by tens of thousands of residential homes and businesses in the region.
The Company needed fast access to working capital to support their exceptional growth. Their “asset” is their strong, loyal and growing customer base. The InvoiceFair platform provided them the opportunity to leverage on this asset by trading their Future Recurring Revenue (FRR). This solution allowed The Company to trade future months’ revenue upfront, creating a revolving funding facility, directly aligned to the growth of their business. By releasing this working capital, they could take on additional people and invest in further marketing to target more customers and resource the business. The Company now has a revolving working capital facility which is uncapped at their pace and growing in line with their subscriptions.

Education through subscriptions

Education has benefitted from innovative companies using technology to shift learning materials from descriptions in books to exact 3D renderings. Our customer is using this technology to build powerful education tools for students, educators and professionals.
Their subscription-based model allows their users across the world to access lectures, videos and 3D graphics direct to their own devices. Software and equipment are traditionally very expensive, however with various packages and prices this innovative model is making expensive education much more accessible to a wider demographic of students and users. They provide this access globally, truly disrupting their industry.

Similarly to our previous customer, The Company provides a technology-based service which is accessed through subscriptions. In addition, this customer has the added complexity that their users are located across continents. This results in multiple, multi-currency streams of revenue. Without any geographic limits, InvoiceFair enabled The Company to trade future subscription payments, advancing 3 months future recurring revenue (FRR) each month, uncapped. As a result, The Company could grow in line with the increasing value and volume of their global subscription base.

Subscription based funding

As an approved Seller on our platform, our customers are funding their own growth, within their own control, as they transform their industries. InvoiceFair’s unique ability to provide dynamic funding solutions at speed helps subscription-based companies across sectors create a revolving funding stream through their payment partners.
If you are interested in taking control of your working capital, contact InvoiceFair – no matter how complicated you think your revenue stream is!
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