Is your business a sitting duck?

A few days ago, following the news that Ulster Bank were embarking on an orderly exit and that Bank of Ireland were making wholesale branch closures, economist David McWilliams tweeted “Do you get the feeling that bank are sitting ducks … Continued

Smart lighting and virtual reality

Customer Spotlights share the successes our customers are finding in their sectors and how they used InvoiceFair’s model to fund this growth. This week we discuss two customers who are using technology to innovate within their industries – one through … Continued

Time to switch – Disrupting Consumer Inertia

Consumers consistently look for the best deal, with competitive TV advertisements feeding this need for value. However, consumers must start considering the value in their method of payment and not just the change they receive at the counter. Irish bank … Continued

A Leprechaun Walks into a Glasshouse…

As the old proverb states “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”. However, if you get into a stone throwing fight with a neighbour who lives in a brick house, you will definitely come off a lot worse. … Continued

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