“I’d like to commend you on the Invoice Fair platform. Its simplicity is brilliant. As time moves on, I am finding that the information provided to me via the platform serves all manner of requirements from accounting to procurement. I have used competitors platforms and can say from experience that there is nothing that I am aware of that comes close to the InvoiceFair platform. I recommend InvoiceFair to anyone who speaks with me on the subject.”

Peter Holly , Managing Director

Headquartered in Dublin, Helicon Process Development Solutions Ltd is a design and build engineering company delivering projects from concept design to technical completion. Their area of expertise is in controlled environments found inside laboratories, clean rooms, temperature controlled warehouses, reaction vessels, tanks and isolation units. The Company won a contract with an environmental business to develop and build a facility.  With the help of InvoiceFair, the Company was able to fund this project


Helicon Process Development Services Ltd specialise in creating controlled environments and processes for industries such as Medtech, pharmaceuticals, environmental engineering and food and beverage. The Company develop and engineer projects such as clean rooms. The team have over 35 years experience in chemicals and process management.


The Company won a contract to work with an innovative early stage environmental business who has created a way of developing aqua feed, chitin and plant nutrition from farming of insects. The project was to design and build a facility in Co Meath. However traditional funders were not interested in undertaking this project.


Understanding the value of the growing debtor, InvoiceFair presented the project to its pool of investors connecting the Company with the capital markets. These investors understood the risk and were able to provide the required funding to deliver this project.


Through the funding released through selling receivables on the InvoiceFair platform empowered the Company to deliver all milestones on time.

Membership of the Platform enabled Helicon PDS Ltd to access unrestricted working capital finance to take on this significant contract for its customer.

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