“The funding we could access through the InvoiceFair Platfrom empowered our team to deliver on significant international projects. The speed at which we could release funds required to fulfill purchase orders was game changing and will be a catalyst for future growth”

Aidan McMahon, Managing Director

Founded in 2007, Shannon based Gentian Consultancy Services Ltd delivers complex projects for large global customers in the electronics sector spanning Ireland, UK, Australia, Canada and the USA.

The Company has demonstrated a track record in product design and development, delivering innovative new products along with efficient and cost-effective supply chain solutions within a quality accredited environment.

Receiving a significant order in Q1 2018, finance was required to kick start the manufacturing process.


Gentian Consultancy Services Ltd develop products and get it to market quickly, efficiently and economically. They have the design expertise, the engineering knowledge and the manufacturing know-how to tailor solutions that work for their customers and their product.

They are widely accredited with both ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications, and are awaiting FDA approval for one of its products. The Company has the ability to develop concept to development and distribution.


The Company has long lead times both from key components suppliers and delivery and payment terms with international customers. As a result in a growing business providing the working capital funding for larger projects was a major challenge.

When the Company received a significant order in Q1 2018, finance was required to kick start the manufacturing process. Flexible funding options that suited their specific requirements were limited.


InvoiceFair worked closely with the Company to understand the project funding requirements , the manufacturing process and the risks & mitigants in the delivery of the project. These were articulated in a Trading Memo to  the InvoiceFair pool of capital market Buyers and the specifics of the transaction were outlined. Within 24 hours funding for the transaction was secured.


InvoiceFair was able to fund 70% of the purchase order upfront and without geographic or concentration limits and the Company could fulfil this order and satisfy the requirements of their  international customer.


When Gentian received a significant order in Q1 2018, finance was required to get the initial outlay into production

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