Trade of the Week 26/04/2019

  Get certainty of cash flow today, without limitation, to reinvest immediately and accelerate your business growth. Talk to us today +353 (0)1 663 2662.

Trade of the Week 18/04/2019

Our client has several income streams and therefore, different receivable types, including contracts, statements of work, licence fees and subscriptions. With access to a pool of institutional funders, our client was able to release payment earlier in the buying cycle, … Continued

Trade of the week 05/04/2019

The trade features an SME that is quickly establishing itself in the telecommunications sector. This SME is in high demand with their clients, 1st and 2nd tier telecommunications networks with world wide coverage. In our daily auction we trade future … Continued

Trade of the week 22/03/19

This week our trade of the week features an SME customer on the cutting edge of digital solutions and strategy, supporting companies around the world. With a focus on APIs, their solutions are in high demand. For this trade, a … Continued

Trade of the week 19/03/19

This week our trade of the week features a global multinational business designing, manufacturing and supplying wearable medical grade devices being sold through e-commerce platforms. This trade demonstrates the speed and flexibility of the InvoiceFair Platform. Approved on Wednesday, The … Continued

Trade of the week 08/03/19

Our customer is a retail business based in the UK with a global network of suppliers. They supply various consumer facing retailers. InvoiceFair supported them to trade a purchase order worth £550K. The GBP purchase order was funded by our … Continued

Trade of the week 22/02/19

InvoiceFair works with SMEs who have been in operation for many years, not just early stage businesses. In this trade of the week, we feature a customer that has been operating for 40+ years, continually innovating and delivering projects into … Continued

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