About InvoiceFair

We structure tailored working capital solutions that help ambitious businesses grow faster.


Our Story

InvoiceFair was formed in 2015 by Co-Founders Helen Cahill and Peter Brady in response to a major market failure within traditional financial services. They believed passionately that ambitious businesses deserved access to appropriate working capital solutions to match their own growth ambitions.

The heart of the idea is that delivering fit for purpose funding solutions will elevate a business.

InvoiceFair enables them to convert their past, present & future revenues into immediate working capital. This allows them to take control, capitalise on market opportunities, grow faster without so many of the traditional restrictions.

Founders: Peter Brady & Helen Cahill

Over €1,500,000,000 advanced to UK & Irish Businesses

Our Vision

To be a powerful catalyst in helping businesses globally to fund their own future

Our Partners

The InvoiceFair platform is built on partnerships with some of the world’s leading financial & software technologies.

Our Team

Helen Cahill

Chief Executive Officer

Peter Brady

Chief Revenue Officer

William Owens

Chief Financial Officer

David Guilfoyle

Head of Trading & Partnerships

Conor Feeney

Head of Risk

David Bowman

Chief Technology Officer

Ciaran O'Reilly

Chief Marketing Officer

Garry Holligan

Head of Sales

Lorcan Farrell

Senior Manager - Credit & Risk

Rhealyn Mugri

Programme Manager

Luke Purcell

Manager - Credit & Risk

Mark Blake

Senior Manager - Trading

Industry Recognition

Leverage your past, present and future revenues to make your business grow faster

Leverage your past, present and future revenues to make your business grow faster