Season’s Greetings & Thank You

It is a time for happiness and cheer,

As we close the books on a great year.


Let’s take the time for annual reflection,

On a year filled with transformation.


For our sellers, rapid growth and success,

Working capital no longer a stress.


With capital markets access at last,

“cashflow delays” became a thing of the past.


To our platform new buyers have joined,

With favourable returns enjoyed.


Financial growth for each buyer,

Expanding portfolios as they desire.


Funding €300m through technology

We gave the control to the SME.


As a result of this rapid growth phase,

InvoiceFair transformed in many ways.


Moving to a larger space at NexusUCD,

The team now multiplied by three.


Peter, Helen and Sorcha travelled the 32 counties,

To meet Ireland’s cutting-edge SMEs


With new branding shining bright,

We built a helpful new website.


Discussing the fintech topics on trend,

Sharing insights from events we attend.


We’ve built products with SMEs in mind,

That member feedback and guidance defined.


With each new app the team released,

The benefits for SMEs have increased.


To access funding solutions beyond the norm,

SMEs will thrive using InvoiceFair’s Platform


Current and new members, thank you both,

We are excited to be part of your 2019 growth.

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