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InvoiceFair has an active part play in the growth story of the Technology Companies in Ireland.

How much could your business grow if you could access the funds tied up in your invoices tomorrow?

Ireland is one of the technology hubs of the world with the IDA estimating €35 billion in exports being generated annually. With highly qualified tech talent and the top global technology and software companies operating in Ireland, Ireland has one of the most exciting tech scenes in the world. Both multinationals and indigenous technology companies are part of this growth. Our fund is in place to support Irish technology focused SMEs contributing to this market.

Free cash tied up in quality invoices and access competitive, transparent funding without bureaucracy, allowing you to be more profitable and scale faster.

This innovative model allows you to trade receivables via market-based price discovery. Quickly see the benefits of timely settlements by your customers translate into a lower cost of credit.

The InvoiceFair Platform provides SMEs with an alternative to traditional finance that moves at the same pace as their business.

Access this funding now.

Why choose InvoiceFair?

InvoiceFair is a transparent and easy to use online funding platform which gives your Technology or SAAS business fast access to unrestricted working capital.

InvoiceFair is a transparent and easy to use online funding platform which gives your Technology or SAAS business fast access to unrestricted working capital.

At InvoiceFair, we understand that the majority of Technology or SAAS ‘Start Ups’ are in fact established Spin Offs or indeed Scale Ups. The fact that the company doesn’t necessarily have 1 – 3 years of Financial Accounts or a strong balance sheet does not deter us or our marketplace of trusted Capital Market Buyers. When this is the case our logical thinking, experience and true market understanding comes into play. We look at the present, their contracts in place and future pipeline, as well as the trading history to date.

Once on The Platform, your business builds up a trading track record which is completely confidential and visible only to our select community of Investors. These professionals actively bid for your receivable giving you access to uncapped cashflow by trading your Contracts, PO’s and Approved Invoices. This is truly game changing for Technology and indeed all industry sectors.

The solutions are backed with over 100 years of experience in managing and scaling businesses.

This is not invoice factoring, nor is it invoice discounting. InvoiceFair provides alternative finance solutions that can help SMEs accelerate growth. Our digital marketplace is funded by a pool of sophisticated and established investors with a burgeoning appetite to purchase receivables as an asset class.

Our team of experienced professionals will help you optimise your cashflow.



  • Choose the receivables you want to sell and set the reserve
  • No personal guarantees
  • No concentration or geographic limits
  • No lock-ins or audit fees


  • Our expert team will get you on-boarded in 48 hours
  • Once approved, upload your invoice and receive cash in as little as 24 hours


  • Our fee is a % of the receivable amount which is agreed in advance
  • The discount is driven by the quality of your debtors and your trading track record
  • Competing buyers drive down the price, lowering your cost of credit


  • Expert consultative team
  • Benefit from a range of tailored solutions

What are the costs?

You are in control of the costs. No hidden fees.

Processing Fee

Ranging from 0.5% -1% of the invoice amount depending on volume and duration

Discount Fee

Capped by you setting the reserve price, competitive bidding drives down your cost of credit

Membership Fee €399+VAT and Debtor Approval Fee €89+VAT

Is my company eligible for this fund?

  • You have a

    Technology or SAAS Company

  • You have a

    Limited Company

  • Minimum turnover

    €1m p.a.

  • Minimum invoice size of


  • Average monthly revenue of


  • Minimum trading history

    1 year

The InvoiceFair platform welcomes Sellers from Technology and SAAS businesses of all sizes to access this fund.

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