InvoiceFair's Peter Brady will moderdate the Start-up Pitches tomorrow, here we introduce these exciting businesses

Medical Technology Ireland 2018 launched today in Galway Racecourse. This annual gathering will share ground-breaking technologies from speakers and over 200 exhibitors. At this year’s conference, there will be a focus on growing new innovative businesses within the industry at the Start-Up and Innovation Academy. The focus of this will be the Start-Up pitches where 6 of Ireland’s cutting edge medtech start-ups will introduce their businesses and innovations to a panel of experienced investors.


The panel will take place on Thursday from 10:00am to 11:30am. Peter Brady, InvoiceFair’s CFO, will be moderating this exciting panel and competition. Having 25+ years’ experience building and scaling SMEs & MNCs, Peter is well placed to facilitate this energetic panel. If you are attending the event, this is not to be missed!


Ahead of the pitches, we would like to share what these vanguard businesses are doing to revolutionize the medical world. Below is a brief introduction to each company.


Plan Domino


Greg Heaslip is the Managing Director of Plan Domino, an innovative software start-up that aims to simplify the management of testing in laboratories. With large complexities involved in testing, Plan Domino’s software allows these busy complex laboratories to improve scheduling and ensure easier compliance. We are sure this software will be of a great interest to the event attendees.

Visit the website:



3Ms have been in operation for over 5 years and are pioneering using augmented reality to support the development and troubleshooting of technology. Geoff Allen will share how 3Ms can use this technology to superimpose their solutions directly over physical products which can be invaluable to the medical technology industry.

Visit the website:


Penny Medical

Brian McNally, CFO, will be presenting Penny Medical who have been in business for 3 years. The Company is developing and deploying eHealth strategies to improve the safety of patient care. Providing the most accurate and detailed anatomy software supports medical professionals communicate with and support their patients. It also is an invaluable tool to the education of generations of medical professionals.

Visit the website:


Assuré Medical – A Urethra Care Company


Assuré Medical in Co.Clare is a Urethra Care company that has been in operation for 9 months and is focused on women’s health. Dr Ger O’Keeffe will present their business who intend to bring an innovative non anti-biotic option to women who suffer from recurring Urinary Tract Infections (UTI).

Visit their LinkedIn company page:




Dr Aine Behan will present Cortechs to the panel who are “Making Minds Matter”. This is a gaming technology company that is focused on improving attention deficit disorder in children through engaging games. These games can focus users through brainwave technology and neuroscience.

Visit their website:



Presented by Carlos Garcia, Sintermedical develops cutting edge implants that mirror the structure and porousness of bones. These implants improve patients’ lives by lasting longer, reducing pain and importantly induce healthy bone growth. Using their proprietary design, Sintermedical uses 3D printing to create these amazing bone implants.

Visit their website:



Dr Elaine Spain will present Septec, who provide a near-patient device to detect sepsis. This life saving technology can detect pathogens responsible and its antibiotic resistance status automatically, even at a low concentration. Enabling doctors to act fast when sepsis has started to occur, saving more lives through early intervention.

Visit their website:


Cell Stress Discoveries

One of the newest businesses in the start-up pitches is Cell Stress Discoveries, which will be presented by COO Dr Steven Griffin. The company develops therapeutic solutions for terminal brain cancer and diseases that result in endoplasmic reticulum stress.

Visit their website:


Best of luck to all the businesses taking part in the pitches!

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